42 - Organic green Tea bergamot and orange


A brilliant touch of bergamot for a true classic. Simply delicious.

NOTAS DE CATA:    citric   vegetal   dried fruit


Category: Blend

Perfect to move one step beyond Earl Grey. Look how the citric notes combine with the dried fruit: a symphony.



Box.. Box containing 10 pyramids in individual sachets. Net weight: 10 x 2 g = 20 g

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct light.


96 % green tee* and natural bergamot and orange flavourings

*Ingredients from organic farming.

May contain traces of nuts.


Theine level:

  BAJO**Because of its composition, this product contains theine.

 **Theine content according to bibliographic data. Preparation (water temperature and brewing time) will affect the final content.

Preparation method

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